Anti-Theft Car Flashing LED Fake Alarm

Anti-Theft Car Flashing LED Fake Alarm

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Have You Ever Had Valuables Stolen From Your Car?
It's Hard To Always Take Your Belongings With You When You Leave Your Vehicle.

Protect Your Car With Our Anti-theft Car Flashing Led Fake Alarm.

The alarm light stays on in your car, making thieves think there's an active security system, deterring them from breaking in.Powered by solar energy, this alarm automatically turns on and off as needed.

The Alarm Light Stays On In Your Car, Making Thieves Think There's An Active Security System, Deterring Them From Breaking In.
Powered By Solar Energy, This Alarm Automatically Turns On And Off As Needed.

Solar Power: This Alarm Is Equipped With Solar Energy. It Automatically Gets Charged In The Morning And Turns On In Night. So You Just Need To Install It And Forget After It Since It’ll Work By Itself.
Flashing Led Light: This Alarm Features A High-speed Flashing Led Light. Everyone Can See It, Even From A Distance, And Assumes That The Car's Recording Camera Is Turned On.
Simple Installation: It’s Simple To Install This Fake Alarm. Just Take Out The Releasing Film Of Its Alarm And Paste It On The Dashboard, Side Window, Or Any Place You Like.
Wide Applications: This Anti-theft Car Flashing Led Fake Alarm Is Perfect For Any Vehicle, Including Cars, Vans, Minivans, Suvs, Hatchbacks, Pickup Cars, Etc.

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