Back Brace for Men and Women

Back Brace for Men and Women

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Are You Suffering From Back Pain?
If So, Our Back Brace For Men And Women Can Provide You With The Pain Relief You Need.

Reduce Lower Back Pressure The Lumbar Support Belt Can Promote Local Blood Circulation And Reduce Pressure On The Waist Area, Providing You With The Support You Need To Maintain Proper Alignment. Our Back Support Gives You Protection. You Can Always Make Sure You Move Your Back.

Relieve Back Pain The Lumbar Pressure Brace Can Relieve Back Pain Caused By Intervertebral Herniated Disc, Sciatica, Scoliosis And Intervertebral Disk Degeneration. When Working Standing Or Sitting, Use A Brace To Support Your Back.

Sufficient Support The Back Support Is Mainly Used To Protect Lumbar Disease Or Surgery Rehabilitation Of The Lumbar Spine, Whether It Is For Weightlifting, Gym Exercise, Light Exercise Or Just Doing Housework, To Provide Extra Pressure On The Lower Back, Vertical Support To Keep Your Back Stable.

Breathable Material The Waist Support Belt Is Made Of Lightweight And Breathable Fabric, Which Releases Excess Heat And Moisture To Keep The Back Cool And Dry.
Comfortable And Safe Again: Both Sides Of The Lumbar Support Belt Are Supported By Plastic Bands, Which Are Consistent With The Psoas Muscle Line To Reduce The Major Spine Of The Psoas; The Double Nylon Belt Straightens The Abdomen.

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