Beauty Face Sculpting Mask

Beauty Face Sculpting Mask

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Say Goodbye To Double Chins And Nasolabial Folds, And Have A Small V Face.

Lift  Firm And Thin The Face, Shape And Prevent Sagging. Soft And Skin-friendly, Strong Lifting Force, Not Tight, Good Air Permeability!

Chin Strap: That chin slimmping strap is specially designed to tighten the skin, lift up the skin and reshape a slim and youthful face. It is suitable for all types of skin.

Comfortable and breathable: That V line bandage choose breathable fabrics. It is elastic and sturdy, fitting to different features of faces.

Bandage: That bandage is an effective and useful method to relieve the double chin and saggy skin along the facial contour. It can be used for men and women.

Main Features

  • REUSABLE Advanced double chin reducer
  • Reducing sagging skin
  • Unexcelled firming face contour
  • Perfect V zone
  • Ideal V chin lift tightening
  • Gorgeous V up line
  • Noticeable reduction in facial wrinkles
  • Reduction or complete disappearance of the double chin

Applicable people: Nasolabial folds/double chinfacial sagging/wrinkles at the corners of the mouth
Use time : Day/night
Use Suggestion
1. Please start to adapt from half an hour for the first time use. After adaptation, you can use it for 2-8 hours a day according to your personal situation. Use for less time if you feel unwell.
2. After forming a rule, you must persist in using it and the effect is obvious

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