Necklace + Engraving Pen

Necklace + Engraving Pen

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 Design Your Own Necklace & Write Names, A Message, A Statement, Or Even A Simple "i Love You"
😍 With Our Amazing Necklace & Engraving Pen 😍
Engraved 3D Bar Necklace – Remembered Luxuries™Make your own heartfelt gift with this custom bar necklace. Each side of this bar can be engraved with your choice of name, date, ..... Each necklace can be crafted in one of three high-quality metal finishes, silver-toned, Gold-toned or black-toned.

 Engraving Pen

⚙ This simple to use, DIY Cordless Engraving Pen permits you to inscribe just about any material such as: metal, steel, wood, plastic or glass!! Protect your valuables by etching your name on them with this mini, handheld Engraving Pen. So useful engraving tool for identifying your own important items. Also works perfectly as a metal engraving tools for decorating and personalizing gifts.

Buy Novgarden Engraved Bar Necklace Personalized, 4 Sided Vertical Custom  Name Necklace Mother's Day Jewelry Gift for Men, Couple at
⚙ Package Include:
1 x Engraving Engraver Pen.
1 x Custom Necklace .

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