Cute Talking Hamster

Cute Talking Hamster

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o you think that it is difficult to pick a nice gift for your little kid🤔
This toy will be his or her perfect friend. While your baby is playing and learning to speak, 🤩 you can continue with your household chores
 Kids may easily get bored with little toys after a while. Because many of them do not talk or anything! Our Talking Hamster will solve your difficulty! This Hamster`s voice will cheer up your little son or daughter.This cute little toy expands your baby’s knowledge and vocabulary of words so that he or she will grow up to be a smart kid!

The Cute Talking Hamster is a unique and adorable pet that will bring joy and laughter to your home. Its amazing talkback function repeats any sounds and languages which entertain your babies and pets. It helps your babies to develop their speaking and communication skills.
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Powered by: 3 AAA batteries (not included)
Package Weight: 0.15 kg
Size: 18 cm
Packing Includes:
1 x Talking Hamster

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