Eco Fuel Saver

Eco Fuel Saver

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Fuel-saving tips that big oil companies don't want us to know about 😍

- This Ecofuel device works on Gasoline "Petrol-Unleaded" and Diesel engines and helps save on average 20% more fuel. 
- The Eco Fuel Saver Chip adjusts itself to the car, according to the drivers' habit and always keeps remapping the ECU to save fuel and lowering emission
Genericgh Eco Energy Fuel Saver With Chip,【New】 Eco Energy Fuel Saver For  Obd2 Port,Fuel Saver Device Car Replacement Parts,Economy Tuning Box Chip  For Car Fuel Saving 3PCS : AutomotiveInstallation and Calibration
1. Find the car OBD interface, then plug in the device.
2. This one is more critical, turn on the ignition switch. (Do not start the car)
3. Press the reset button of the device for about 5 seconds, release the button and wait for a moment about 30-54 seconds (the device will establish a connection with the ECU)
4. Start the engine.
5. The device will automatically recognize the owner's car model and driving habits, and after about 200 km (150 miles) of a break-in, the device will automatically adjust to make the engine power reach the optimal effect.
Packing list:
1 x Eco OBD2.

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