Fat Burning Cream

Fat Burning Cream

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Get Ready To Experience The Ultimate Weight Loss Solution With Our Weight Loss Cream!
This Cream Is Not Your Average Weight Loss Product - It's A Powerful, Natural Formula That Helps You Shed Those Stubborn Pounds And Get The Body You've Always Wanted.
Our Weight Loss Cream  operates primarily through transdermal delivery of active ingredients that target adipose tissue. It is designed to stimulate lipolysis, the breakdown of fat cells, by promoting thermogenesis or heat production, and enhancing local blood circulation.


  1. Thermogenesis: stimulate thermogenesis and heat production in the body that help to break down fat cells.
  2. Transdermal Delivery: the active ingredients can be absorbed through the skin quickly and help to break down fat cells.
  3. Increased Blood Flow: help to increase blood flow to the applied area, potentially helping to carry away broken down fat cells.
  4. Topical Metabolism Boost: ingredients in Zakdavi Kenyan Purple Leaves Weight Loss Cream have properties that can enhance local metabolism, aiding in fat reduction.
  5. Skin Tightening: also help to tighten the skin, giving the appearance of weight loss.

What Our Weight Loss Cream Can Do?

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How To Use

  1. Cleanse and dry the area of your body where you want to apply the cream.
  2. Scoop a small amount of the cream with your fingers or a spatula.
  3. Gently massage the cream onto the targeted area in circular motions, using upward strokes.
  4. Continue massaging until the cream is fully absorbed into your skin.
  5. Repeat this process twice a day, preferably in the morning and evening, for best results.
  6. Make sure to wash your hands after applying the cream.
  7. Store the cream in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight.
  • Type: Cream
  • Net Content: 50g
  • For All Skin Types
  • Target Users: men and women

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