Fissured Tongue Repair Spray
Fissured Tongue Repair Spray

Fissured Tongue Repair Spray

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Tired Of Feeling Like You've Been Licking Sandpaper?
If You're Suffering From A Fissured Tongue, You Know How Uncomfortable It Can Be. The Deep Cracks And Splits In Your Tongue Can Make It Painful To Eat, Talk, Or Even Swallow.
Fissured Tongue Relief Spray Is A Clinically Proven Formula That Can Help To Soothe And Heal Your Fissured Tongue. It Contains Ingredients That Help To Reduce Inflammation, Promote Healing, And Protect Your Tongue From Further Damage

How does Our Tongue Relief Spray works?

What Makes Our Fissured Tongue Relief Spray Special?

Scientifically Made With All Natural Ingredients

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How to use
  • Spray 3 times in tongue/mouth
  • Use in the morning and evening daily

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