Portable washing machine

Portable washing machine

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Need a washing machine that can be easily stored and moved around your home🤔
Introducing the Portable Washing Machine - the perfect solution for small spaces
Say Goodbye to Cluttered Laundry Rooms with the Folding Washing Machine 🤩
A portable washing machine is a compact and lightweight appliance designed for people who have limited space in their homes

Mini Machine À Laver À Ultrasons pliable et portable Avec centrifugeuse de  séchage + Panier 3Kg

Portable Mini Foldable Washer is a revolutionary new product that allows you to wash your clothes anywhere, anytime.
This amazing washer is small enough to fit in your luggage, and it’s perfect for traveling or camping. It’s also great for students who don’t have access to a washing machine. The Portable Mini Foldable Washer is easy to use; just fill it with water and soap, and start washing

  • High-temperature soaking
  • Folding easy to travel.
  • Powerful sucker, stable adsorption of the ground during operation, tilt side pull, easy to lift
  • Waterproof touch button

متجر أفتح يا سمسم - غسالة قابلة للطي غسالة صغيرة محمولة السعر : ﷼13,500

Size - Length: 28.5cm x Width: 28.5cm x Height: 10.5cm
Weight - 2.5kg
Package Includes:
1 X Mini Foldable Washing Machine 

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