Glass Cutting Disc
Glass Cutting Disc

Glass Cutting Disc

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The cutting speed is fast, and the cut is flat, and not easy to breakšŸ‘Œ
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ā­Fast, Precise Cuts:Ā The diamond cutting blade is high-temperature resistant for reduced vibration and straighter, faster cuts.
ā­ Scope Of Application:Ā For smooth cutting, chamfering, and grinding ofĀ glass, jade, crystal, wine bottles, ceramics,...
ā­Chip-free Cutting:1mm ultra-thin saw blade does not damage the surface of the object
low grinding noise and less dust, minimal debris, and a top-notch cut!
Glass Cutting Disc Diamond Cutting Wheels Cut Off Ultra-Thin Saw Blade  Wheel | eBay

ā­ Easy To Use:Designed for use with the ModelĀ 100 angle grinder,Ā it is easy to install and use andĀ can withstand the demands of dry/wet cutting and long continuous cuts.
ā­Advanced Materials:Ā Using diamondĀ , new brazing process,Ā upgraded and improved blade, more convenient, safer, and longer service life

-Ā Product Weight : 65G
- Product Size :100*20*15*1mm
-Ā Package Contents:Ā Glass Cutting Disc Ɨ 1
-Ā Color:Green

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