Hairline Coverage Touch Up Powder

Hairline Coverage Touch Up Powder

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Instantly Fill In Embarrassing Bald Spots And Patches With This Premium Hairline Coverage Touch Up Powder!

Introducing Hairline Coverage Touch Up Powder, The Revolutionary New Product That Can Help You Achieve A Natural-looking, Fuller Hairline In Seconds.

Our Unique Formula Is Made With High-quality Ingredients That Are Safe For Even The Most Sensitive Scalps.

  • Instant Root Coverage A smart hair-loss concealer powder that is specially designed to effectively create a natural hair-like effect to your roots' sparse or thinning areas. Providing you with an instant thickness enhancement appearance to cover up embarrassing balding spots. No worries as it offers an unnoticeable blending to your real hair to give you a next-level coverage without clumping or anyone knowing it's fake. This touch up powder can be also used to conceal unwanted new growths of graying hair. 
  • Long-Lasting EffectThis thinning hairline coverage adopts an impressive long-wearing formula which enables it to cling and lock tightly to the follicles. Allowing it to seamlessly cover the scalp for a healthy, fuller look that naturally stays gorgeously in place until you take your next shampoo. Preventing it from staining, smudging or spreading even as you rub or run your hands through your hair. The root concealer also provides an amazing resistance against rain and sweat so it can only be removed once you shampoo. 

  • Perfectly Safe and Non-StickyThe touch up powder is formulated with premium, scalp and hair friendly ingredients that can be applied daily on your thinning roots. It glides smoothly on the scalp and covers the sparse spots without clogging or ruining the growth cycle of hair. Moreover, it does not also leach any toxic materials so it can be in direct contact with your scalp or tresses without causing breakage or dryness. This hairline powder can imitate the texture and feel of a real hair so it does not leave any greasy, sticky or powdery like finish. Suitable for concealing sparse spots, receding hairline and balding or thinning areas on crown, middle line, front hairline, sideburns, beard and more possibilities.   
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    • Material: Natural Keratin Hair Fiber
    • Color: #01Black 
    • 1 x Hairline Coverage Touch Up Powder

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