Health Care/ Cooling Gel Patch

Health Care/ Cooling Gel Patch

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Experience a refreshing wave of coolness as our gel patch goes to work, providing immediate relief from discomfort💥
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🌿 Natural Healing: Formulated with natural ingredients, our Cooling Gel Patch is gentle on the skin and offers a holistic approach to health care. Relax and rejuvenate without the worry of harsh chemicals.
🎯 Targeted Relief: Apply the gel patch to the affected area for precise, targeted relief. Whether it's a headache, muscle soreness, or general discomfort, our patch is designed to bring comfort where you need it most.

KONGDY Health Care Cooling Gel Patch for Adult and Children 8 Pieces=2  Boxes Medical Baby Fever Pad Herbal Pain Relief Patch ⏰ On-the-Go Relief: Don't let pain slow you down. Our portable gel patches are perfect for your active lifestyle. 

✨ Quick and Easy Application: The hassle-free application ensures you can enjoy the benefits of our cooling gel patch in seconds. Simply peel, stick, and feel the soothing effects take over.


Safe Cooling Gel Patch - Comfortable Cool Fever Patch - Tight Fit Cooling Patch with Ample Hydrogel Material for Summer High Temperature Protection and Rapid Cooling, 10pcs
Item Type: Cooling Gel Patch
Material: Hydrogels
Product Efficacy: Rapid Cooling, Relieve Headache, Fatigue
Package List:
 Cooling Gel Patch box 1 box of 5 pcs

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