Horse Oil Foot Callus Remedy Balm

Horse Oil Foot Callus Remedy Balm

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If You're Looking For A Safe And Effective Way To Treat And Prevent Calluses, Horse Oil Foot Callus Remedy Balm Is The Perfect Solution!

How Does Our Horse Oil Foot Callus Remedy Balm Function?

Our Horse Oil Foot Callus Remedy Balm Centers On The Use Of Horse Oil To Effectively Soften And Dissolve Tough, Thickened Calloused Skin. It Also Serves To Exfoliate And Moisturize Dry Areas On The Foot, Ensuring Moisture Retention. 

The Cream's Formula Enables Easy And Precise Application. Its Active Ingredients Are Crafted To Deeply Penetrate The Thickened Skin, Reaching The Healing Layers Beneath. This Process Encourages The Natural Peeling Of Calluses, Resulting In Smoother And Revitalized Foot Skin.

Most Potent Exfoliating Ingredient

Enhancing Foot Rejuvenation

Guarding Against Foot Callus Formation

What Makes Our Horse Oil Foot Callus Remedy Balm Special?

Horse oil promotes skin regeneration by stimulating the ongoing generation of fresh keratinocytes in the basal layer of the epidermis. As these newly formed cells emerge, older cells are gradually pushed upwards towards the skin's surface. This upward movement contributes to the natural shedding of dead skin cells from the soles of the feet. This process of natural exfoliation plays a crucial role in eliminating deceased and compromised skin cells, unveiling a revitalized layer of skin beneath.

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Usage Directions

1. Apply balm to calluses area.
2. Remove dead flakes of skin using gentle circular movements.
3. Let it rest & wipe away excess balm.

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