7 Day Illuminating Care Essence

7 Day Illuminating Care Essence

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Unlock a luminous complexion in just 7 days with our groundbreaking Illuminating Treatment Essence šŸ„°

Crafted with precision and infused with powerful botanical extracts, this innovative formula is designed to transform your skin, leaving it radiant, youthful, and positively glowing

OurĀ  Aura 7-days-Illuminating treatment essence effectively eliminates hyper-pigmentation, dark spots and melanin, as well as to promote brightness and a visibly even skin tone for you.

Ā Give your skin the love and care it deserves with this Aura Japan 7-Day Illuminating Care Essence!Ā Its lightweight, naturally infused formula visibly shrinks pores and tightens skin, leaving skin smooth and radiant.
Package Inclusion:
  • 1 x Aura Japan 7-days-Illuminating treatment essence

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