Manual Sausage Maker

Manual Sausage Maker

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Save Money and Make Your Own Sausages At HomešŸ˜
- This is a great tool to make Sausage It can be used for the preparation for a holiday celebration and family reunion..
- It is made from Food-Grade material for all food contacting parts to the food, safe, sanitary and durable, easy cleaning.
- 3 Stuffing tubes ideal for homemade sausage-making tools kit.

- The handle is comfortable to use, no need to worry about cleanliness and ample storage space, making fresh sausages at home is comfortable and enjoy DIY fun
- finish stuffing 5lb in 15 minutesĀ 

Packing List:
1 x Manual Sausage Maker
3 x Sausage Stuffing Tubes


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