MelanClear Facial Serum

MelanClear Facial Serum

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Do You Ever Feel Self-conscious About The Dark Spots On Your Face That Are Difficult To Remove?

What Makes Blusoms™ Lux Advanced Melanclear Facial Serum So Special?

  • Clinically Proven That Using Serum For 8 Weeks Results In A Significant Reduction In The Visibility Of Pigmented Areas
  • Target For: Freckle Removal, Melasma, Acne Scarring And Wrinkles.
  • Evens Out And Brightens Skin Tone
  • Soothes The Skin
  • Protection Against All Uva, Uvb And Uvc Wavelengths
  • Creates A Moisture Barrier
  • Non-invasive And Nonsurgical Treatment
MelanClear Facial Serum is made of Premium Mix of Organic and Water-based Formula. That is Guaranteed to Be Super Safe, Non-irritant, and Effective to Any Skin Type.
*Let's see the happy result of Our Customers by using MelanClear Facial Serum for 14 days!

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