Teeth Cleaning Purple Serum
Teeth Cleaning Purple Serum

Teeth Cleaning Purple Serum

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Did You Know That The Foods And Drinks You Love Can Leave Your Teeth Stained And Dull?
Coffee, Wine, And Sodas Can All Cause Discoloration That Can Be Difficult To Remove Without Professional Teeth Cleaning, But Don't Worry, We Got You Covered...
Our Teeth-cleaning Purple Serum Is Here To Help. It Utilizes Color-correcting Technology, And Effectively Removes Yellow And Brown Stains, Restoring The Natural Whiteness Of Your Teeth From Home.
V34™ Is A Combination Of Two Water-soluble Dyes That Allow Any Shade Of Yellow To Be Canceled For The Brightest Smile, Without Leaving Any Residue Behind.
Used by dental professionals
Dentists around the world now stock it for their patients and recommend our products for at-home whitening. 

Safe to use on teeth as it is a non-abrasive form of whitening, the enamel is preserved and your teeth stay healthy. 

Experience the breathtaking difference and begin a more positive outlook on life.

Purple is directly opposite yellow on the color wheel and is therefore its complementary color, so a water-soluble purple dye is applied to your teeth to cancel out any yellow undertones. 
Pretty cool right?

  • Fast results after just one treatment
  • No gum irritation, no tooth sensitivity

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