Teeth Total Care Mouthwash

Teeth Total Care Mouthwash

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Brush Isn't Enough? Get a Total Clean with Teeth Total Care Mouthwash!
Brushing twice a day is a great habit, but what about the germs left behind? Teeth Total Care Mouthwash goes beyond brushing, reaching those hard-to-reach places for a complete clean and a healthier smile.

can help you remove dental plaque, calculus, germs, etc., and make your teeth completely white within 1 week, no matter your teeth are yellow or black .

Eliminates bad breath

Teeth Total Care Mouthwash can help you remove the germs that cause bad breath, dental calculus, tonsil stones, tooth decay, etc., completely help you eradicate bad breath, and the added menthol can make your breath more fresh.

Relieves and prevents mouth sores

Mouth ulcers are usually caused by bacterial erosion, which makes us suffer from pain and prevent us from eating normally. Awzlove can help you kill the bacteria in your mouth and heal mouth ulcers.

 Prevents cavities

 can help you kill bacteria that penetrate deep into the alveolar and root canal, stimulate the restorative formation of dentin, and help repair tooth decay. For severely necrotic cavities, it can stimulate the gums to produce new tooth germs and promote the growth of new teeth.

 Removes calculus

Calculus is calcified dental plaque that inflames the gums, which can lead to bone loss, loose teeth, tooth sensitivity, etc.  can help eliminate dental plaque and remove stubborn calculus attached to teeth, making your teeth white and healthy again.

Stimulates the regrowth of lost teeth