Ear-Cleaning Endoscope
Ear-Cleaning Endoscope

Ear-Cleaning Endoscope

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Want a quick and easy way to examine the health of your ear canal and eardrum 🤔
Inappropriate cotton swab "ear cleaning" can also cause irreversible damage to your hearing.
Introducing the Ear-Cleaning Endoscope, it uses a camera to let you see what's inside your ear at home and avoid accidents that cause damage to your eardrum. Just wait and see the amount of wax you can clean out of your ear

This USB earoscope is an all-in-one design that you can use on your Android phone, Windows systems, PCs and laptops. 
SAFETY MATERIAL: Food grade non-toxic and harmless PVC material,  If there is a problem with the ear canal, it is clearly visible.
VERSATILE: It can check the ear canal, as well as the eardrum, mouth, gums, ... Ear spoons are longer, thinner and easier to use. It is an essential tool for each family.
SAFE TO USE: The camera chip t is far away form the camera,so you can use it .


Line length 1.5 meters, three in one interface
Camera diameter: 5.5MM
300 megapixel CMOS sensor
Angle of view: 70°
LED lights: 6pcs
Focal length: 1.4-2cm
Support capture picture format: JPEG
Support record video format: AVI
Pixel: 1.3 MP
Endoscopio de eliminación de cera de oído, Endoscopio Limpieza de orejas  Earpick Otoscopio Limpiador Ear Sticks Mini Fit Cámara Endoscopio Oreja  Limpieza Herramienta Ear Ear Wax Tool Herramienta de li :
Package Included:
*Ear Otoscope
*Ear Spoon for child
*Ear Spoon for adult
*Ear Canal Protection Ring
*Ear spoon and fixator
*User Manual

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